Rhonda Recommends

Green Bags

This is not a paid deal…I just love these things. We usually throw out a lot of fruit and veggies due to spoilage, but not anymore. These grapes were 10 days old!

The only bummer about these bags is that you have to wipe them out when condensation collects, but other than that, they are totally worth the $10 (and they are reusable). It has probably saved us a small fortune since we buy mostly organic stuff.

XM Radio
I’ve had a new car since January, and I am not quite sure how I lived without XM Radio. I usually listen to the comedy channels when I am alone, but they have a great lineup…80’s, 90’s, current hits, Oprah, etc. And if you listen to Channel 154, you can hear me on a commercial for The Phil Show. (Yes, I called in and left a goofy message…I was playing with my OnStar. I promise I usually have better things to do.)

There is light at the end of the tunnel

But no food.

I am at the end of a six-day stretch with no hubby. Luckily, between family and a few babysitters, I wasn’t totally on my own this past week. We recently hired a new babysitter, as Crazy Babysitter moved further away and isn’t readily available anymore. So, both CB and the new babysitter, we’ll call her Normal Girl, helped out one day this past week. I put together this little comparison for you.

NG: Arrived 10 minutes early
CB: Arrived 1 hour and 30 minutes late

NG: When not watching Wiggles or Mickey Mouse with the kiddos, watched local news, CNN and one talk show
CB: Watched soap operas, Maury, Tyra, and Inside Edition

NG: Ate some cheese nips, a diet coke, and a piece of candy (which I offered her). Brought her own veggies to eat for lunch.
CB: Immediately cooked herself eggs and bacon for breakfast and polished off 5 biscuits left over from our breakfast. During the day, drank nine Dr. Peppers, ate 1 pound of turkey meat, 3/4 loaf of sourdough bread, 24 Chinese dumplings, one bag of Frito’s (but I did buy those especially for her), 16 ounces of sour cream and one bag of sugar cookies (too bad for you, Anabella). For dinner, ate 1/2 of a meatloaf and potatoes. And that’s just the stuff I know about.

NG: Talks about school and family
CB: Talks about how my dog is a bad influence on her dog.

However, CB does love to do laundry, which I would never dream of asking a babysitter to do. So I guess if you add in what she should be paying me for food and what I should be paying her for laundry service, it’s hopefully about even.

The point of this story? I am so glad Dan is coming home tonight.

“What the f*ck?” Wednesday — You REALLY suck now, YouTube

As you can see below, YouTube apparently got wind of my little rant and decided to post the video to my blog 100 times. I will go delete at least a few of them later, but I wanted you all to see that it is in fact YouTube that is being a jerk, not me.

And please, for the love all things good and just, go watch the damn video if you haven’t see it already, and then tell me how great it is…because I have been completely tormented trying to post it here.

“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – You suck, YouTube

I have been trying to post a video to this blog for THREE days. Every time I get the little message that says “this video will be posted to your blog shortly” and yet, it never shows up. WTF, YouTube?! Don’t you guys have like BILLONS of dollars? Why can’t you make your sh*t work right?! Are you trying to make me even more crazy than I already am?! ARGH!!!

Whew. Okay, I feel much better now.

One Lone Jackass

Several months ago I noticed that in a pasture on the way to Anabella’s school, there is a large herd of black cattle…and one, white jackass. (that’s him in the back) Every day I look as we pass by, and it’s still just the cattle and him.

So I started wondering (because my mind wonders when the Wiggles are on the radio for the whole trip), does he think he is a black cow? What do the cows think about him? And is the owner of these animals making some sort of statement…political, social or otherwise?

What do you think?

P.S. If you click on the photo you can see the “larger” version where you can clearly see that he is a jackass. 🙂