WTF Weekend

I have just come off the weekend from hell. Ever been through a series of events that just made you sit back and say “WTF is going on around here?”

Thursday: Went to meet friends for a glass of wine after work. Within five minutes of sitting down, manager comes over to tell me that my car was involved in an accident. The valet moved my car, left the engine running, and forgot to put the car in park. So, it rolled out in to traffic and t-boned a car driven by a woman who is 9-months pregnant. She left the scene in an ambulance.

Friday: Put down Ms. Chatelaine, a kitty I’ve had for 15 years. My husband and I agreed it was the right thing to do, but I kept thinking he would get too busy to take care of it. I was wrong.

Saturday: Get an early morning call from good friend. Her boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident late Friday night. Spent several hours getting a grasp on that information, then spent several hours at her house, trying to be supportive.

Sunday: Attend a Wiggles concert. No alcohol served.

So, I’m in a bit of a trance today. I want to cry…and I can’t get “Big Red Car” out of my head. Will the torture ever end?!

Don’t eat the Beaver Balls

This will be hard to believe, but it tastes worse than it looks.

My coworker was all like “it’s so yummy…it’s like a donut hole but filled with chocolate.” I took one bite and have been sick to my stomach ever since.

Beaver Balls = Not good.