WTF? Wednesday-ish

Yes, it’s Thursday, but I meant to put this up yesterday.

I went to lunch at BRC yesterday. For you non-Houstonians, it’s a “gastropub” — meaning it’s pub/comfort food menu with a gourmet twist. I adore the food, and the fact that they feature a mac & cheese of the day, plus it is really close to my office.

After the meal, I excused myself to the bathroom and was PETRIFIED to discover that I could see the outline of a man who was sitting in one of the stalls. I couldn’t make out his features or see what he was up to in there, but I could see that he was sitting on the toilet, I could see his pants around his ankles, etc. WTF?? No, really. WTF??? This isn’t a crazy nightclub where things like that are shocking or cool or whatever.

I took this picture of that same guy from inside the stall I went into — I kept the lights OFF as you can tell, but you get an idea of how much you can make out. It’s not nearly as offensive when you are washing your hands obviously.

Make it stop

The bleeding of my bank account that is. Have you ever had one of those weeks when money acts like you have a BO problem? Mine can’t get away from me fast enough at the moment. First, our cat Deuce falls deathly illl last week. Complete blockage of the bladder and near kidney failure. Three days in kitty ICU = $1,200. Then our AC downstairs breaks down Saturday night. One fan motor = $660. (Me, Anabella and two cats sleeping in a twin bed upstairs = priceless. And also sleepless.)

Now my car is pissed because it wants to be serviced and keeps dinging at me and telling me “you are 100 miles past service” so I called the dealer to make an appointment. Service for my bitchy little car – $500.


WTF? Wednesday

Hang it up, Devo
These guys made an appearance on a daytime talk show recently, and all I could focus on was their strange outfits and face/head gear. Their music wasn’t very impressive either — do they even have any other hits besides “Whip it!” ??

The Birds
So I have no issues with tattoos. I also have no qualms with birds. But this lady had the same bird tattoo in 5 places on her body. Either she is the most unoriginal tatted person ever, or this bird made a very significant impact on her life. (Sorry I couldn’t get photos of the other 3, but I was in the security line at the airport.)

Put Some Clothes On
So, I’ve seen the Naked Cowboy on Good Morning America, but I didn’t realize it was his “job.” He was in Times Square all three days I was in NYC last month. WTF? Is this really a full-time gig? If so, I guess that explains why he doesn’t have any CLOTHES.

WTF? Pet Peeve of the Week
Please someone explain to me how by any stretch of the imagination any sane person considers a Ford Expedition a COMPACT CAR???!!! WTF???

Am I still a fighter?

This f*cking monkey doesn’t know the half of it

Appropriate, although slightly disturbing, this monkey is found at my gastroenterologist’s office. Let’s just say it’s been a rough few weeks for us both. As I’ve mentioned here before, I have Crohn’s disease — and lately, Crohn’s disease has had me. It’s had me incredibly sick, overwhelmingly sad and completely unmotivated on most days — just mad as hell on others. I try not to feel sorry for myself, because so many people in this world have things much worse, but I am so F*CKING over planning my life around the bathroom.

The interesting side of this flare-up is that I’ve never had so many conversations with God. I’ve promised some crazy stuff at 3 a.m., like not complaining about weight issues any more, just to feel normal again. I also started taking steroids (which proves I give up on being a skinny minnie) and getting intravenous injections that put me flat out for days at a time.

So that is why I haven’t been blogging much. Not that WTF? Wednesdays are the most uplifting posts, but they are better than sad posts about Crohn’s disease, right?

I will be back on Wednesday with a post — and there are some great things going on in my life despite this disease (Anabella just turned 5! I got some “press” today for my social media efforts! See … it’s not all crap! — pun intended!)