Happy holidays!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the notes and offers of help during what was an incredibly trying time. Dan has mostly recovered, and so has Scarlett (did I mention here that she wound up with pneumonia too?), so hopefully life will get back to normal next week when school starts again.

Christmas was great. Even though I only had a week to buy all the gifts, wrap everything, decorate the house and do the shopping for Christmas lunch, somehow it all came together and the day was very — merry. And even though I have been off work for nine days, things haven’t been too tense, except for the occasional fight-to-the-death between Anabella and Scarlett. (are sisters always like this??) However, it appears that a few of Dan’s little “sayings” have rubbed off on my otherwise nearly perfect little three-year-old child during all the quality time we have spent together.

I am laying in bed and Scarlett is next to me watching a cartoon. She notices that I am on my cell phone and says “Mommy, I want to play my mouse game.”

Me: “I’m on the phone right now, but you can play when I am done.”

Scarlett (with a very serious face): “If you don’t let me play my mouse game, I am going to smack your ass.”

Nice job, daddy. Can’t wait until she pulls that out in school next week.

WTF? Wednesday

I know you are all probably wondering WTF has happened to me. Well, this is day 19 of Dan having pneumonia. So I’ve been a single parent and nurse for almost three weeks. And yes, it is kicking my ass. (Huge kudos to all the single parents in the world — I have no idea how you do it.) And, of course, I am beyond worried about Dan. He is having a catscan of his chest today, so hopefully that will give us some answers. More later …