WTF? Wednesday

Spam sucks. Nothing new there. But lately, I’ve been getting weird-ass spam at work and it’s driving me crazy. I think we have pretty good spam filters here, and this is a fairly new email address (although it doesn’t work properly half the time, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of filtering), so I’m not sure how I got on these crazy lists.

Exhibit A

Spam from some sort of industrial company in Russia that wants to sell me tape and belts and such. (I get lots of Russian spam — mostly just text emails though.)

Exhibit B

Spam from the French M&Ms. Which is also kind of surprising, because one would think that the French would consider themselves too good for M&Ms.

So if anyone knows how to write “unsubscribe” in Russian or French, please leave it in the comments for me.

— The B.S. Cafe is currently serving … фотографии из сообщений электронной почты и вещи из французского языка.

WTF Wednesday

The first WTF of the year! And I am so excited NOT to be talking about illness!

Remember when the McDonald’s “Sauce Policy” made WTF Wednesday? Well now we have the Sonic ketchup policy. So you have to buy the “Sonic” size to get three little ketchup packets. I like a lot of ketchup, so that crap will not fly. And personally, I think they need a seperate policy for tater tots, because obviously those require more ketchup.

Silly Cosmo is at it again. I might start having a WTF Wednesday dedicated just to them every month. So apparently our collective breasts called and they need some pampering. I find this hysterical because my breasts are the last body part that would be calling for some “pampering” — right after my feet, back, heck, even my colon would call before my breasts. I’m starting to think that Cosmo is run by men.

And finally, I took this photo at Target on December 30. That’s right. Valentine’s cookies for sale before the new year arrived. WTF? Who is even thinking about Valentine’s Day now, much less last week? I love Target, but sometimes I wonder about their marketing department.