WTF? Wednesday

It’s WTF Wednesday and I’m sure all wondering WTF is up me. Well, the short version is that I’ve been really sick. Crohn’s is kicking my ass again … more than ever before. I’ve been on crazy meds, losing my hair, missing work, feeling like total ass all the time. And in between that, I’ve trying to participate in my life. So that left no time for blogging. Or laundry. Or porn. Anyway, I’m back on evil steriods and starting to feel a little better, so here I am.

Everyone else is great. Scarlett is still talking trash and acting like the Queen Bee, which I totally adore. Anabella is really taking off in school — writing, reading and getting blue stars all the time (instead of yellow sad faces). She also experienced her first “staycation” over spring break, but she was able to do a lot of fun things like Space Center Houston with her grammy and Matt. Dan and I took her to the rodeo carnival (she is a total daredevil, just like her mommy) and she spent a few hours working at my office one day. Remember when you thought it was cool and fun to go to work? Yeah, me either.

So here are a few photos. And I promise to get back in the blogging saddle ASAP.

P.S. Anabella lost her third tooth at the Rodeo while eating an ice cream cone. It was on the tip of her tongue and I managed to snatch it before she swallowed it. FINALLY the tooth fairy got to make a visit!

Sliding with daddy at the rodeo.

Hanging out in princesses dresses … ALL day in the princesses dresses, even out to lunch!