WTF? Wednesday

Just when I thought my girls were being sweeter and kinder to each other, Anabella presents me with this drawing.

Background: Scarlett somehow wound up wearing one of Anabella’s “Hello Kitty” shirts the other day, and all hell broke loose (picture crying, throwing of self on floor and other ridiculousness).

As you can see in this drawing, Anabella (the blonde) is wearing the coveted HK shirt. And poor Scarlett, standing next to me, is crying, being rained on by bowling-ball sized drops, has a very ominous red cloud following her (is it toxic??!), and apparently also has a club foot.

Ahh, sisters. So glad I don’t have any.

P.S. NOLA recap coming ASAP!

Rhonda, World Traveler

Okay, not really, but life has been fun lately. Last week I was in NYC for a conference on creating content for social media. I not only got to stay in the city for three days, but I also got to participate in the NASDAQ closing bell ceremony for a second time. Can you pick me out of this photo?

The highlights were meeting and having a conversation with David Pogue at a networking event. I also was able to go to Mesa (a Bobby Flay restaurant) and enjoy an incredible meal. All I have to say is Shrimp and Garlic Tamale. If you get the chance, you won’t regret it. I also witnessed first hand the trainwreck that is Charlie Sheen’s tour of stupidity. My hotel was across the street from Radio City Music Hall, and all of the yahoos who wanted to catch a glimpse of him after the show were camped out in the street. I walked down to the drug store and stopped to watch people coming out of the show being interviewed on the local news …. surprisingly they felt they had wasted their $500/ticket. Duh. $20 would have been a waste. So it was a great trip, except for all of the mommy guilt, which I tried to sqaush with gifts from the Hello Kitty store and Toys R Us.

And today, I am headed for New Orleans for Mom 2.0!

Mom 2.0 Summit - April 14-16

Three days in New Orleans, hanging out and getting inspired with 450 fellow bloggers. How fun is that? I will also be live blogging for Mom 2.0, so look for my posts on their website here.

WTF? Wednesday

This car has been driving around our neighborhood over the past few weeks.

On one hand, it’s cool to see the equipment and how they go about getting the street shots for Google Maps. On the other, it feels a little big brother … the watchful camera is starting to give me the creeps. I’m scared to take the trash out in my PJs. Don’t want to be forever recorded in Google Maps looking like crap!

This sign was at Reliant Stadium for the NCAA tournament. No, I wasn’t there for that cool event. I was there to buy tickets for Toy Story 3 on Ice. (Luckily I don’t actually have to GO … thanks, Grammy!) It’s got the usual suspects for the don’t-bring-this-to-the-stadium list. No weapons or laser pointers. No glass. No banners. But bullet #7 is where they lost me. No costumes … okay … and no CRYSTAL BALLS. Really? This is a problem they’ve had in the past? Lots of fortune tellers sneaking their crystal balls into the Final Four? College students carry crystal balls around these days perhaps dressed in some crazy costume and wielding wire and spikes?