WTF? Wednesday

I love my pets. I do ridiculous things for my pets. However, I refuse to buy into this.

I’ll spend $1,200 to save the life of an alley cat with a kidney infection (I’m looking at you, Deuce), but I am not serving my cat multi-course meals. I mean seriously, who came up with this idea? Treats, yes. Salad and appetizer courses, no.

This is the sign in front of one of Houston’s finer establishments in a fairly fancy neighborhood. The Diamond Club, formerly known as the Pink Pussycat, is one of Houston’s only all-nude strip clubs. (If you don’t live in Houston, we have no zoning, so that’s how this place is within a mile or so of million dollar homes). Anywho, I noticed the sign to OTC participants (the Offshore Technology Conference), and wondered, if the message is basically “if you can prove that you have a hotel room, you can come in and find a hooker for free”? Are we not a little more discreet these days?!