It’s going to be an X-rated Halloween

Anabella and I recently went to my friend Kathy’s house for a playdate … kind of a last hoo-rah before first grade started last week. Everyone at Kathy’s house is crazy about Halloween, so her daughter Lauren pulls out some catalogs to look at Halloween costumes. I am flipping though a catalog, with Anabella looking over my shoulder, when I come to this:

Anabella slams her finger down on the page, “I want to be that for Halloween!” she said. “But what is it?”

“It’s a peacock,” I said.

“A pink COCK?” Turns to Lauren. “I’m going to be a PINK COCK for Halloween.”

Of course, if I was a grown up, I would have corrected her calmly and that would have been that. But no. Kathy and I look at each other and bust out laughing so hard we were crying. Anabella begins repeating herself because this is oh-so funny.

And then, completely ignoring the children and thinking only of the first week discipline reports that came home from kindergarten, I turn to Kathy and say “Hi, I’m going as a PINK COCK for Halloween.” More hysterical laughing followed until we finally regained composure and tried to repair the situation by sounding out PEA-COCK to Anabella several times.

Luckily the pink cock joke didn’t rear it’s head (hahaha … get it?) again.

Then of course I find out this isn’t a peacock after all, but a flamingo.