Who knew Disney would be so awesome?

When Dan suggested we bring the girls to Disney for a week, I was “eh” on the idea. We drove (so dreading that was a huge part of the lack of excitement) 15 hours to Orlando, but even that wound up being kind of fun. And now that we have been here for a week, I have to admit it is one of the best ideas Dan has ever had. 😉

The girls have been in HEAVEN the entire time. Meeting all the princesses and characters. Going on silly rides, watching little shows and parades, eating horribly unhealthy things … this is little kid Mecca.

Here are a few photos. More when we get back.

WTF? Wednesday

Since when did dogs get so fancy and important? I was booking our dogs at the kennel and they asked me if I would like to pay extra for “5-star service”. I had already booked them in a “climate-controlled room” with a patio, so I was curious to hear what was better than that. You know, for a DOG.

Their 5-star service included extra playtime, special treats (graham crackers with mashed potatoes and meat – yuk) and … being READ A STORY AT BEDTIME.