When Scarlett Grows Up

One of the few things Dan and I don’t agree on when it comes to child rearing is what they can and can’t listen to musically speaking. He is constantly telling me we shouldn’t let them listen to pop music, that we should only buy them Kidz Bop or other kid-friendly CDs. I’m from camp “they don’t understand 90% of what they are hearing”, but after this recent revelation, I’m forced to admit that he may be right.

Little Miss Scarlett was quietly listening to my iPhone, when she suddenly takes off the headphones and says “Mommy, when I grow up, I need a bicycle, star earrings, things to cover my boobies and no shirt.” I grab the phone to see she is listening to “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls. Of course it doesn’t help that the iPhone shows the cover art for the songs … which is where Scarlett got her fashion ideas from.

So, where do you stand? Do you think pop music is too suggestive for young kids?

Why I love my dad

My dad is a one-of-a-kind. I definitely get my sarcastic side from him, and if I have any toughness or strength, I probably got it from him too. Recently he went to the doctor and had several tests done. I won’t give you all the details, but there could have been something to worry about. Luckily, that isn’t the case.

He sent me an email this morning with all his test results and it looks like he will be around for many more years to torture us with his biting sense of humor. As I am reading his email, I made the mistake of continuing to eat my breakfast and wound up spitting milk all over my computer when I got to the last two lines.

“He also gave me a prescription for Valium to help me sleep when the old arthritis pain hits at bed time. That works well. He also said I could take one every 3 hours and I wouldn’t be an asshole any more.”

Not that I believe this to be true, but if it is, I might try to get a prescription for Dan too.

WTF? Wednesday

I’ve recently noticed a plethora of crap at the grocery store that makes no sense to me. Things flavored to taste like other things … to make really unappealing new things.

For example, potato chips that taste like ketchup. Really? Does anyone over the age of five like ketchup that much? Or “rib” flavored potato chips. WTF? If I want ribs, I’ll get ribs.

The one that really threw me was the pina colada marshmellows. That makes me throw up a little just thinking about it. I’m no baker, but I am pretty certain there is no good use for those nasty things.

Seen anything equally as crazy?

I miss you, California

Cool weather and kid-free. That sums up my five days in California. It was heaven.

And now that I’ve been back in Houston for a week, enjoying the 100-degree days and 90% humidity, I wonder … why they hell do we live here again???