We survived

Anabella’s surgery went very well. She was not at all worried ….

… while I cried and slightly panicked when she walked off for surgery. But, she made it through like the brave girl that she is. The first day was a little rough, and the next few days included lots of note writing …

But day four she was feeling really good and by day 6, she was back eating almost everything.

The following week, my six close girlfriends and I had our annual Secret Santa party. This year’s theme was BACON, so everything we brought (with the exception of those carrots), had bacon in it.

The food was amazing and there was lots of laughter … when I asked Kim where she got this paper, she replied nonchalantly “with my Adam and Eve order.” Of course. Duh.

And this had to be my favorite gift of the night. Heather’s periscope. She’s going to use it in her cube at work!

So, happy new year everyone! More soon!