WTF? Wednesday

This past summer I ordered something from SkyMall, and have been receiving all kinds of cheesy catalogs ever since. A few weeks before Halloween another load of catalogs arrived, and the one below¬†caught Anabella’s eye. She decided we should look through the catalog and pick out our favorite thing on every page. So we flipped through, page by page, her pointing out things she liked and me doing eyeball rolls in my mind. (The clothes are not exactly my style, or probably anyone’s style for that matter.)




And then, we got to page 34 ….


mag 1


Yep. Right in the middle of a woman’s clothing catalog. A full page spread of vibrators and dildos. WTF? Seriously. WTF?

Of course I was completely shocked. And I certainly didn’t want to have THAT conversation, so I quickly threw the catalog across the room. Anabella was completely stunned (she was probably thinking WTF? herself!), so I distracted her by saying “Let’s go get some ice cream and watch SpongeBob!” Worked like a charm and everything was right in the world again.

However, WTF Pyramid Collection people? I didn’t ask for your catalog, and the least you could do is add some sort of disclaimer to the front if you are going to sneak a page of adult toys and S&M jewelry into the middle.