WTF? Wednesday

The biggest WTF this week is that Dan has pneumonia … again. For the second time in three years. It seems so unlikely, considering he is only 41 and has only been really ill twice in the 15 years I’ve known him. And the last time was during the holidays as well. I’m not saying it’s intentional, but he’s definitely our own personal Grinch. 😉

So … I’ve put together some recent photos for WTF Wednesday to distract myself from nursemaid hell.

We recently went to Michigan, and our rent car had this little “warning” sign that kept popping up on the speedometer.(Look near the 10 mark. Click if you need to enlarge.)


Is that a coffee cup? Were we running low on caffeine? I meant to look it up in the manual, but forgot, so if you have a clue, please leave a comment.

Then there was this lady on the Parking Spot shuttle.


Have you ever seen so many bracelets? All I could think was 1. it’s really loud when she moves. And 2. Those have to be wicked heavy.

Once home, I was switching purses and noticed several “treasures” that clearly didn’t belong to me. How did wiggle eyes and the lid to a teapot find their way in there? And, did I really carry a teapot lid all the way to Michigan and back?!



And finally, there’s this. When I saw this guy, it took me several seconds to figure out exactly what was going on with his head.


He was sweet enough to let me take his photo, so the real WTF here is why are we all spending so much on Bluetooth when all we need is a rubberband?