Sleepless Chatter

Tomorrow I’m heading into a third surgery on my neck for a staph infection. I should be sleeping, but instead I’m wasting time on Twitter, watching bad TV and contemplating all the bad things that could happen. It’s interesting how I’m now nervous about things (like anesthesia) that I wouldn’t have thought twice about pre-kids. I’m also considering staying up all night, so I can sleep until my surgery at 2 p.m. … since I can’t have food, water or even a stick of gum until then. WTF? I think my doctor is pissed at me for not just healing already.

Oh, and did I mention that it is currently 60 degrees in my room? I was just telling someone how I love sleeping in the cold, so the Universe said “Really? How cold would you like it?” And then the heater downstairs stopped working. But at least I have this one to keep me warm.


So I leave you with this … what I fear will be a regular feature on this site. We’ll call it … Questions Scarlett asks to make me feel stupid. Today’s edition is “What are chemicals made of?”