A few laughs

It’s just way too depressing in the world today…so here are a few things to lighten the mood.


A friend on mine in Corporate America mentioned that there is a new initiative at her company (which is headquartered in France), called “Do Better and do More.”

And the logo for this fabulous new initiative looks something like this…


(insert your own joke about the French or BMs or whatever here)

And as my friend concluded…don’t forget the “paperwork” when you’re done!


My husband plays a game called World of Warcraft. I know nothing about it, but he sent me the link to this video (featuring characters in the game), which has a universal message. It’s rated R material, so don’t go if you aren’t up for it, ok?



And if none of that made you smile…Sangina got booted from American Idol last night, which means that Howard Stern isn’t the force he thought he was. Yippee!

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