A new low

I’ve reached a new level of desperation this week. I’ve been back on steroids for several months, and of course, my face has blown up again. I had to get my driver’s license photo taken this week, and had a complete breakdown when I compared the new “moon face” photo to my previous photo. So, I went to the drug store and bought a tube of PreparationH. (Hard to believe I didn’t already have some with all my gastroentestinal problems, huh?).

So before I went to work yesterday, I put it all over my face. Yep. I did. Hemorrhroid cream all over my face.

It did make a difference around my eyes, but the shame of having ass cream on my face will probably keep me from doing it again.

5 thoughts on “A new low

  1. ass-cream on your face – you’re in good company – every pagent queen in the country uses that stuff and a fair number of Hollywood glamour girls and super models.

    Seriously, though, sorry for the continuing suckage!

  2. Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are truly the last frontier of ‘unknown’ diseases that cause untold misery and frustration, yes even desperation. I have seen it first-hand – my wife went through years of struggling until she finally had to get her colon removed. She was a physical wreck and would likely have died without the surgery. Now she’s running marathons, qualified for Boston last Oct. It is of course a last resort but she literally got her life back. I am very sorry to hear about your ongoing struggles. As for the ass-cream, it is all in the packaging/marketing, probably very similar to some face creams!

  3. Cocotte – Surprisingly, it has no smell. And it’s not that greasy either. It’s a mental feeling that makes it wrong. 🙂

    KB – I see it on TV all the time. I guess I should just get over it.

    Bert – I totally agree. I hope they find some sort of cure, or just RELIEF, soon! Running marathons — I am so impressed with your wife.

    Heather – yes, please do. 🙂

    I actually woke up this morning and could barely open my eyes. So I went for round two with the ass cream, and my eyes are looking quite refreshed. Guess you just have to do it a few times and the shame goes away. ha!

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