A post for your imagination

Here is a list of interesting things I have seen over the past few weeks, but was unable to get a photo of…due to driving a car, lack of quick reflexes, or whatever. It always haunts me when a good blog photo gets away, so just close your eyes and use your imagination…

– A little squirrel (a teenager, not a full-grown squirrel) holding a giant donut in his cute little paws and eating away.

– A dirty, scraggly homeless man, pushing a grocery cart down the street in his Michael Vick football jersey.

– A Whitney Houston look alike (but probably in her 60’s) dressed in 80’s workout gear (think leg warmers), alternately walking like a chicken, dancing, and then stretching by the side of a busy road.

And one from my friend Kim…

– A guy riding a motorcycle with a Barbie doll pasted to the seat behind him, as if she was his girlfriend.

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