Ahhh, the weekends

Life has been exceptionally good lately. The last three weekends have been so much fun that it actually made up for all the crap I put up with during the week. What a nice change!

I took Anabella for her first pedicure, which she loved. Between the cartoons, the ice cream with sprinkles and the flowers painted on her toenails, I think she’s hooked. She giggled through her entire foot rub, which was highly entertaining for everyone.

I also spent a recent weekend at Lake Livingston, relaxing with girlfriends. At first, that mommy guilt kicked in, but once I had a coffee martini in me (drinking at 10 a.m. rocks!), I was in heaven. It’s been a long time since I have laughed so much and so hard. This is a place I’ve been visiting since my mid-20’s, so it was nice to reconnect with ME. I took some notes on my iPhone of all the funny things said that day, but when I went back and read them … well, it wasn’t exactly PG stuff. Girls can be raunchy after a few vodka lemonades!

Check out the view … how perfect is that? I also got to indulge my need for speed on one of the new wave runners. 49 MPH, folks! (I had the butt bruises to prove it.)

Last weekend, Anabella and I went to KB’s house to help decorate cupcakes for a bake sale to support my friend Kathy’s puppy rescue charity. Anabella had the best time and looked friggin’ adorable. She even did a pretty good job decorating.

And sampling …

And then we got to bottle feed these sweet little babies … all 8 of them. My recent tingling of wanting another baby was completely squashed, so that was the good news.

Scarlett is still adorable and perfect … and nearing two! Lately, she has been discovering her love of shoes.

And the best part of the last few weekends … Anabella is now miraculously potty trained! I don’t WTF happened there, but thank you to the potty gods for small favors. That child has given me more bathroom problems than I could have ever imagined … remember the days of finger painting with poop?! Or when I had to duct tape her into her diapers? No more! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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