And there is one other thing …

Yesterday morning was my first day on the new job (more about that later), so I was a little nervous and excited while gettng ready. As I go to shut down my laptop and pack it up for work, I notice something new …

Scarlett. I walk into the bedroom where she is snuggling with daddy and give her a good talking to. I’m disappointed, this is why she isn’t allowed to play with real markers, it won’t come off and this computer belongs to mommy’s company, etc. etc.

She’s not happy. I’m not happy. I finish getting ready and Dan miraculously gets the writing off the laptop. Once I am ready to go, I sit her down so we can make up and not be mad at each other during the day.

Me: Scarlett, I’m sorry I got angry with you, but you know better. Please write only on paper with markers. Okay?

Scarlett: Okay. (sad face)

Me: Let’s make up because I don’t want us to be mad at each other today. What do you think?

Scarlett: Okay, mommy. (still a sad face, but gives me a big hug)

Scarlett: Mommy, there is one other thing I did.

Me: (Bracing myself to hear that she wrote all over something else in the house) Okay, what is it?

Scarlett: I farted in your closet.

4 thoughts on “And there is one other thing …

  1. Deja vu all over again!
    Only it was a little girl with scarlet hair.
    A freshly painted bedroom.
    A box of crayons . . . Same sad face I bet.

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