Back in the Saddle

Gee, I am such a slacker. Hard to believe it’s been so long since I posted. But if it makes it any better, I promise I wasn’t doing anything fun.

We got home from Michigan late last Wednesday night, and about 10 miles from home my car broke down. So after dealing with car stuff on Thursday, I had to get ready for a little party I was throwing on Saturday. Now, I am in full gear trying to put together a birthday party for my daughter. So much for my life of luxury.

There is lots to talk about…Paris is out of jail, Nancy Grace is pregnant, Ann Coulter is the devil…but I thought I would entertain you with a little silliness from the Michigan trip first.

Did you know you can buy “bling” out of a candy vending machine these days? For only 25 cents too. Can I interest you in a cute little anchor or perhaps a giant eagle, ladies?

Do you like bacon? Then check out Tony’s Restaurant. It’s a “greasy spoon” on a highway in Birch Run, Michigan, and they love to load you up on bacon. This lady looked like she wanted to die from embarrassment when her club sandwich came out. (I’m sure it didn’t help that I asked to take a photo of her and the monster sandwich.) And look at the other lady’s plate…I think there is an egg under that bacon somewhere.

I like to call this picture “Baby Got Back.” We ran out of swimmer diapers one day, and let my daughter play in a real diaper. As you can see, she came out of the pool with quite a load. That diaper weighed at least 10 pounds.

This is more bothersome than silly. Please explain to me how this fly got in there in the first place? Isn’t that supposed to be some sort of air tight seal between the panes of glass???

And here is where I spent 3 solid days in Michigan. My little piece of heaven.

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