Scarlett (my baby!) lost her first tooth on Sunday. She was super cute … ran laps around the house, called her grammy, had me take photos .. you’d think she won the lotto.

And a milestone for me … today is my first day in more than three years where I did not take any Prednisone. For those who don’t know, it’s a steriod … a hideous drug that makes you look all bloated and does nasty things to your internal organs.

Anyway, I’ve weaned off, and hopefully I can stay off it forever. Of course I’m totally worried that is was the glue holding this ship together, so please say a little prayer for me. Much appreciated.

The Good, the bad and the ugly – part 3

The Ugly.

Crohn’s disease is an evil bitch.

I stopped getting my infusion therapy back in April and started Humira about six weeks ago. It hasn’t given me any relief yet, but I am hopeful that it will … I have two friends who have experienced tremendous improvement with their Rheumatoid Arthritis.

But that being said, the last two months have been hell. Not even the steroids seem to be helping me anymore, and I had a few weeks where I only left my house to go to work. I felt like I was developing a mild case of social anxiety disorder, so I’ve been doing my best to combat the desire to stay home all the time. (Don’t want to wind up a recluse with 50 cats and a home shopping channel addiction. Next thing you know I’d turn up on some crazy reality show, and it’s all downhill from there.) It’s so hard to stay hopeful and positive, so thank God that I have children. Sometimes they are the only reason I can get myself going.

One interesting part of this new drug is that it is self-injection. I am getting four hours a month back now that I don’t have to get my meds via infusion, but I had to mentally prepare to administer the shots to myself. The first dose was just too much to handle (four shots in the belly at one time), so my doctor’s nurse graciously offered to help. I nearly passed out, so thank goodness I didn’t do it myself at home. But now I am a pro … it’s amazing what you can do when you have to.

So help cheer me up … tell me about something that you now do that you never thought you could or would.

A new low

I’ve reached a new level of desperation this week. I’ve been back on steroids for several months, and of course, my face has blown up again. I had to get my driver’s license photo taken this week, and had a complete breakdown when I compared the new “moon face” photo to my previous photo. So, I went to the drug store and bought a tube of PreparationH. (Hard to believe I didn’t already have some with all my gastroentestinal problems, huh?).

So before I went to work yesterday, I put it all over my face. Yep. I did. Hemorrhroid cream all over my face.

It did make a difference around my eyes, but the shame of having ass cream on my face will probably keep me from doing it again.