Cross that one off the bucket list

Did you miss me? I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted. What a loser! Life kind of jumped in and kicked my butt these last few weeks, but that won’t happen again. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Promotion at work (celebrated for two days)
  • Third annual trip to Lake Austin Spa with my BFF from high school (also bought ridiculously expensive purse at Gucci outlet to celebrate promotion – traumatized self for a week)
  • Rock Band slumber party with closest friends. Partied til 4 a.m.
  • Fell deathly ill with a flu/strep throat/sinusitis combo the next day (SuperBowl Sunday – missed the party!) and had to stay quarantined in my bedroom for NINE LONG DAYS (so the hubby and kiddos wouldn’t get sick)
  • Tried to play catch up at work and home for three days
  • Went to the Mom 2.0 Summit last Friday and Saturday – had a blast!

So the Mom 2.0 Summit was incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking and just plain fun. Meeting women who are so talented and successful and doing things on their own terms (and putting faces with blogs that I have been reading for years — even Dooce was there!) reminded me why I started this blog in the first place (almost five years ago!).

And one of the major highlights was — riding in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile! I rode “shotbun” around downtown Houston, waving at people and acting like a rock star. If you ever get the opportunity, I suggest you take it. Nothing puts a smile on your face like riding in a wiener.

I convinced Amanda (PR maven and new partner in crime) to go along for the ride!

“What the F*ck?” Wednesday … I mean, Thursday

A day late, but with plenty of gravy …

Before you say anything about my high-carb, low-nutrition lunch, please remember I have been eating lots of soup lately and I can’t eat anything healthy (no raw veggies or even most cooked ones, no nuts, seeds or anything high in fiber!).

So I get this yummy to-go lunch and when I get back to my desk I start pulling out container after container of condiments … three gravies and two tarter sauces to be exact.

WTF, Luby’s? I didn’t ask for either of these condiments, and while I appreciate you assuming I wanted them, one would have been plenty. I wasn’t planning to take a gravy bath or have a tarter-sauce facial today.


I would like to say congrats to my friends Kathy and Matt who welcomed a gorgeous little girl on Monday. Her name is Peyton … how cute is that?

And for NCS, some things to go with your toast band-aids.

Ridiculously fabulous purchase of the month

If you have ever had to “smell” meat, you will appreciate this purchase. While some might call it extravagant, I think it will be worth every penny in the little fights it will keep me and the hubby from getting into over whether or not something smells deader than it was when we bought it. (He is usually in the “it’s fine” corner, while I tend to belong to the “we should trash it” side.)

Because of this purchase, I will also enjoy saying goodbye to the days of waiting around for the intestinal cramping to start after he has convinced me to partake in questionable meat.

I will now experience great piece of mind knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have not eaten funky meat. Thank you, Sharper Image.

Ridiculously fabulous purchase of the month

Once again Target has proven to be my shopping mecca. I cannot tell you how many times someone parks like a total ass and I don’t have the time/energy/paper to write them a sweet little note. Now I can just whip out my latest Target find, and…TADA, instant gratification for me!

The ticket says:

“You are an inconsiderate person. This is not a real ticket, but it should be. Because of your rude and lame attempt at parking you have taken enough room for an army and a circus. You have received this ticket in hopes that you will learn to think of others before parking in the future. You probably change lanes without using a signal too. I hope your engine blows up during rush hour on your birthday!”

I could not have said it better myself. So, if you live in Houston and find one of these on your car, you know where to find me if you would like to discuss your parking issues.

Go Kinky!

I voted today. Here’s the proof…go me. Now I can’t wait to see who wins our gubernatorial race here in Texas.

When pondering what to write about today, I was considering a real come-to-Jesus sort of post, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Besides, does anyone really care to hear the big scandalous secret about how long it has been since I voted? I didn’t think so.

Ok, on to more important matters. ANGRY CHICK. Everyone loves her. Everyone wants to see more of her. Here you go, Angry Chick fans. A little Angry Chick carrying one big-ass pistol.

I bought these two in a gallery in Chicago (it was a crazy weekend). They are officially called “Go Ahead, Make My Day,” but I refer to them as Angry Chick and Mean Pussy. HA!

Ridiculously fabulous purchase of the month

Isn’t he awesome? When you push on his ears, a cigarette pops out of his a**!

What’s really great about this purchase is that I’m not a smoker, my hubby is not a smoker …and we have done everything short of sewing lips shut in order to get our parents to quit smoking.

I couldn’t help myself!

P.S. That’s my angry chick behind him. You can’t see it, but she’s holding a pistol. Ha!