Happy Cinco de Mayo

I’m officially one step closer to becoming a Stepford Wife. I was already the woman who is constantly cleaning/tidying the house, but quarantine has me gardening, cookinq and now I’m throwing dinner parties for my less-than-enthusiastic family. It was actually sort of fun to make a big Tex-Mex feast … almost everything from scratch. Two hours of prep and over in 15 minutes, but what else was I doing? 😉

Table setting
Raining outside, fiesta inside.

We survived

Anabella’s surgery went very well. She was not at all worried ….

… while I cried and slightly panicked when she walked off for surgery. But, she made it through like the brave girl that she is. The first day was a little rough, and the next few days included lots of note writing …

But day four she was feeling really good and by day 6, she was back eating almost everything.

The following week, my six close girlfriends and I had our annual Secret Santa party. This year’s theme was BACON, so everything we brought (with the exception of those carrots), had bacon in it.

The food was amazing and there was lots of laughter … when I asked Kim where she got this paper, she replied nonchalantly “with my Adam and Eve order.” Of course. Duh.

And this had to be my favorite gift of the night. Heather’s periscope. She’s going to use it in her cube at work!

So, happy new year everyone! More soon!

Happy Halloween

Just a few photos from what I am now calling the “best kid party ever” last Saturday (thanks Kathy and Peyton!). Between the DJ, disco ball and dance floor, karaoke, endless food and candy … my kiddos didn’t want to leave. I had to drag them out at 7:45 (the party officially ended at 7:00)!

So, Happy Halloween! This is year is a little different because Anabella has moved into a new stage of costumes … gone are the sweet costumes of years 1 -6.

As you can see from the face painting she chose at the party, she is now more about the scary. This year her costume is “Vampire Princess”. Not sure what the hell that is exactly, but she has a pretty, Goth-looking dress along with vampire teeth and blood.

Sweet Scarlett is still all sugar and spice and everything nice.

She is going as Tangled (Rapunzel) this year. Pictures tomorrow!

Who knew Disney would be so awesome?

When Dan suggested we bring the girls to Disney for a week, I was “eh” on the idea. We drove (so dreading that was a huge part of the lack of excitement) 15 hours to Orlando, but even that wound up being kind of fun. And now that we have been here for a week, I have to admit it is one of the best ideas Dan has ever had. 😉

The girls have been in HEAVEN the entire time. Meeting all the princesses and characters. Going on silly rides, watching little shows and parades, eating horribly unhealthy things … this is little kid Mecca.

Here are a few photos. More when we get back.

It’s a Gaga holiday

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in forever. It’s not that I don’t think to … there just seems to be no time lately. More soon, but for now please enjoy the gingerbread house my department put together for a contest we are having here at the office. Inspired by Lady Gaga’s workshop at Barneys.

P.S. I can take little to no credit for this. I bought the stuff, and came up with the Lady Gaga theme, but my idea was to cover the entire house in meat. Our web designer Agustin was the creative force behind this beauty.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope you are all having a great day! Dan doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, so we don’t really celebrate … although I did put together a bag of goodies for the girls … and I made my coworkers participate in a Secret Valentine exchange. (I got a box of fudge!)

On the way into work this morning, the local radio station was asking an interesting question. Basically, who is the last person you would want for a Valentine? The answers included Tom Cruise, Kanye West, Carrot Top, etc. (Carrot Top — ha! Can you imagine? Yikes.)

So tell me in the comments who your NIGHTMARE Valentine would be. I’ll start. Rush Limbaugh. Oh, or Glenn Beck. Eeek.

Happy holidays!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the notes and offers of help during what was an incredibly trying time. Dan has mostly recovered, and so has Scarlett (did I mention here that she wound up with pneumonia too?), so hopefully life will get back to normal next week when school starts again.

Christmas was great. Even though I only had a week to buy all the gifts, wrap everything, decorate the house and do the shopping for Christmas lunch, somehow it all came together and the day was very — merry. And even though I have been off work for nine days, things haven’t been too tense, except for the occasional fight-to-the-death between Anabella and Scarlett. (are sisters always like this??) However, it appears that a few of Dan’s little “sayings” have rubbed off on my otherwise nearly perfect little three-year-old child during all the quality time we have spent together.

I am laying in bed and Scarlett is next to me watching a cartoon. She notices that I am on my cell phone and says “Mommy, I want to play my mouse game.”

Me: “I’m on the phone right now, but you can play when I am done.”

Scarlett (with a very serious face): “If you don’t let me play my mouse game, I am going to smack your ass.”

Nice job, daddy. Can’t wait until she pulls that out in school next week.