Bad asses

The girls received their yellow belts last week. I don’t get to see many of their karate sessions, so it was exciting to watch them take the test.

Pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks, kicks, breaking boards … and most impressive of all, standing still and being quiet. 😉




P.S. Google Analytics is proving to be entertaining this evening. Some of the search terms that brought people to my blog this week include “how to meet troy aikman,” spider ‘so i stepped on him,'” and my favorite “inside my panties.” WTF is that one about?!

Sisterly love

I found myself very touched when I found this drawing that Scarlett made for Anabella on her birthday.

bday card from Scar

It says “Anabella, I love you. You are the best sister ever. Kiss.”

Or so I thought.

After it had been hanging on the fridge a few days, I found myself looking a little closer. “Are those arrows?” I thought.

Me: Scarlett, what is this on the bottom of your picture?

Scarlett: A butterfly.

Me: No, the other side. The circles.

Scarlett: That’s a butt. (starts laughing hysterically) It says “Kiss this butt, Anabella!”


Ah, sisters. I will never, ever get it.

Happy birthday, Anabella!


She’s EIGHT!

As usual, I’m having mixed emotions … joyful in watching her grow into a confident, self-reliant little person, and yet sad that my “little girl” is slowly being left behind. I already feel like I’m forgetting her as a baby, so I decided to take a walk down birthday memory lane.

Ribbet collage

Ribbet collage2

She’s become such a thoughtful, intelligent, inquisitive and funny young lady. (Well, almost lady. Dan bought her a whoopee cushion for her birthday, and she played with that for two hours nonstop, so we have a little work to do there.) She is by far one of the best two things I have ever done in my life.

I love you, Anabella!



I’m back!

After a site redesign, followed by a hosting move and several other missteps, I’m finally back in business. There were so many times I wanted to blog …but of course, all those amazing post ideas are long gone. (Short-term memory loss is part of getting older, right?) Ha.

So it has been a busy five weeks. We were in Michigan for Jim’s funeral, then back home for my birthday (a spa day with all of my closest girlfriends … it was awesome), then I was off to Vegas and Wisconsin for a week-long business trip.

There was a little silliness …

249   255

And a whole lot of this … (I rediscovered my love of cocktails)


Which led to a little alcohol-induced oversharing between me and my colleagues, but it was fun getting to know them better (which makes me love my job even more), and we stayed at the Bellagio, so that was top-notch.

Wisconsin was much more pleasant in June than in November, and I even tried cheese curds this time. They were yum.


But the best part of the trip was this …

Welcome home banner

So here we are in July. We had a fun-filled, five-day family weekend to celebrate Independence Day (think Dave & Buster’s, Despicable Me 2, fireworks, lots of swimming…), and now we (being Dan and me) need a vacation.

But there is no rest for the weary, because Anabella turns eight this week, and we are hosting a slumber party this weekend. Lord help us! 😉



Scarlett (my baby!) lost her first tooth on Sunday. She was super cute … ran laps around the house, called her grammy, had me take photos .. you’d think she won the lotto.

And a milestone for me … today is my first day in more than three years where I did not take any Prednisone. For those who don’t know, it’s a steriod … a hideous drug that makes you look all bloated and does nasty things to your internal organs.

Anyway, I’ve weaned off, and hopefully I can stay off it forever. Of course I’m totally worried that is was the glue holding this ship together, so please say a little prayer for me. Much appreciated.

We survived

Anabella’s surgery went very well. She was not at all worried ….

… while I cried and slightly panicked when she walked off for surgery. But, she made it through like the brave girl that she is. The first day was a little rough, and the next few days included lots of note writing …

But day four she was feeling really good and by day 6, she was back eating almost everything.

The following week, my six close girlfriends and I had our annual Secret Santa party. This year’s theme was BACON, so everything we brought (with the exception of those carrots), had bacon in it.

The food was amazing and there was lots of laughter … when I asked Kim where she got this paper, she replied nonchalantly “with my Adam and Eve order.” Of course. Duh.

And this had to be my favorite gift of the night. Heather’s periscope. She’s going to use it in her cube at work!

So, happy new year everyone! More soon!

Happy Halloween

Just a few photos from what I am now calling the “best kid party ever” last Saturday (thanks Kathy and Peyton!). Between the DJ, disco ball and dance floor, karaoke, endless food and candy … my kiddos didn’t want to leave. I had to drag them out at 7:45 (the party officially ended at 7:00)!

So, Happy Halloween! This is year is a little different because Anabella has moved into a new stage of costumes … gone are the sweet costumes of years 1 -6.

As you can see from the face painting she chose at the party, she is now more about the scary. This year her costume is “Vampire Princess”. Not sure what the hell that is exactly, but she has a pretty, Goth-looking dress along with vampire teeth and blood.

Sweet Scarlett is still all sugar and spice and everything nice.

She is going as Tangled (Rapunzel) this year. Pictures tomorrow!