I heart Robert Irvine

Met Robert Irvine Wednesday night in Chicago. I was already a fan, but now I’m a super fan. He was really personable and funny … gave my colleague a little forehead slap when he found out she is a Vanilla Ice fan (we met him too). He’s also super buff and smells really yummy.

And he was totally down with the selfie.


What does this guy do for a living?

First of all, GO TEXANS! Thank you for beating the Titans (without the involvement of poo water). That made my whole week. (We left a little early and as we walked by the port-o-potties, the hubby said “Maybe we should splash a little blue poo water on you … just in case. Thanks, Omar. I will never escape that now.)

Second, Dan (not the hubby … the other one) has extended a bet on the Texans vs. Bears game and I hereby accept. But what should the bet be?

Third, what do you think the guy above does for a living? I have been passing by him for several years now as I head down to my seats. And he has always had this hair style. And he obviously has season tickets. So I can’t help but wonder…

— The B.S Cafe is now serving Texas pride. Suck it, Titans.

Photo of the Week

As Dan and I were parking the car to go to dinner last Saturday night, I looked out the windshield and saw this…

Dan was all “okay, let’s go in” and I’m like “uh, shouldn’t we wait and see where that thing goes??” Men.

Anyway, I’ve seen lots of hurricanes and flooding living here in Houston, but never an almost-tornado up close and personal like that. Luckily it didn’t gain force, or turn into anything destructive, but it did scare the crap out of me for a few minutes.

Photo of the Week

These guys moved into our neighborhood recently. The first day Anabella noticed them, she was like “Wow! What’s that?!” I told her “That’s the Presidents.” So now, every day when we drive by she’s all “HI PRESIDENTS!”

So, my main question (besides would you really want to eat dinner looking up close at one of these things??) is why do Washington, Lincoln and FDR have such huge heads compared to Bush, Jefferson and Kennedy?!

Leave me a satisfying answer…it doesn’t have to be truthful…and I will send you a package of fabulous Target parking tickets. (click here for the scoop on them… http://aintitfunny-rhonda.blogspot.com/2006/11/ridiculously-fabulous-purchase-of.html)

One Lone Jackass

Several months ago I noticed that in a pasture on the way to Anabella’s school, there is a large herd of black cattle…and one, white jackass. (that’s him in the back) Every day I look as we pass by, and it’s still just the cattle and him.

So I started wondering (because my mind wonders when the Wiggles are on the radio for the whole trip), does he think he is a black cow? What do the cows think about him? And is the owner of these animals making some sort of statement…political, social or otherwise?

What do you think?

P.S. If you click on the photo you can see the “larger” version where you can clearly see that he is a jackass. 🙂