Dan is the Man

Me: Can you say “Happy Father’s Day, daddy!”?

Anabella: Happy Dauders Day, daddy!

Me: How about “Happy Daddy’s Day, daddy!”?

Anabella: Happy Daddy’s Day, daddy!

Me: Say it again.

Anabella: Happy Daddy’s Day, daddy!

Me: Ok, now go in the kitchen and say that to daddy.

Anabella runs into kitchen, looks at my husband and says….


And that’s what I get for trying to train a 2 year old.

Obviously the girls can’t say the things I know they would like to (if they understood in the slightest what today is all about), so I will do it for them.

Happy Father’s Day, Dan. Not only are you the husband I always dreamed of, you are the father I never imagined. You kiss boo-boos, you play silly games, you tickle, you go to the zoo, you eat Chick-fil-a, you get up early, you take night feedings, you watch cartoons that drive you crazy, you bravely take two small children on outings by yourself, you participate on the playground, you buy cool toys (that mommy won’t), you are a master at tucking in, and you make the world’s best French toast.

You are a true partner in parenting…and you always see the fun in the job. You are always present. And you will always be loved and adored by your two little girls (and your big one too!).

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