Defensive Driving, the White Sox, and a MEME

It’s been a pretty uneventful few days here at the B.S. Cafe. I was taking defensive driving online, which was a real barrel of monkeys. It was actually much better than going to one of those classes, and I learned a few things, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Did you know that…

  • You can turn left on a red light onto a one-way street.
  • Alcohol is absorbed into your blood streamed faster when combined with a carbonated beverage.
  • It would take a train going 60 MPH a mile to stop.

I also spent the weekend watching the Astros play the White Sox and I didn’t get to see Scott Podsednik even once…apparently he’s injured, but he could have at last walked across the field in a towel or something! You know, just for the fans. (If you don’t know about my crush on him, go here.)

So after all that non-excitement, I finally got around to seeing what my bloggy friends have been up to and I found out I was tagged for a MEME over at crap-o-rama (Don’t you just love that name?) So here it goes…

Five Reasons Why I Blog

1. It’s fun…and it keeps the creative side of my brain happy.
2. I like being part of the blogging community and “meeting” new people.
3. It’s the diary I always wanted to keep…and it helps me relive my crazy checkered past. (which is fun when life turns predictable.)
4. I started blogging when I was having a small identity crisis (meaning I didn’t have one….I was a mommy and a wife, but not just ME) and it really helped me through it. Blogging saved me from buying a sports car, cutting off all my hair, or getting a cabana boy.
5. I love being able to say “that’s going in my blog!”

I am only tagging others if they want to be tagged, so consider this a suggestion… No Cool Story, Elastic, Compulsive Writer, yerdoingitwrong, and Toni.

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