Easter recap

Oh what a crazy, jam-packed weekend. After two failed attempts to get a picture with the Easter bunny, I finally gave up and tried to convince myself that Scarlett would have just cried anyway. But secretly, I’m still sad about it. (On Friday night, the line was closed, so Dan told the girls that the EB was sleeping. Saturday, the line wrapped around the place twice, so I told them the EB was sick and needed some rest for Sunday. Are we nominees for the bad parent award yet? )

Otherwise the weekend went well … birthday parties, Easter egg coloring and “hatching” (meaning Anabella squishing a hard-boiled egg), hoarding of Easter basket goodies (“MINE!”), and of course, lots of chocolate. Here’s a few photos:

Maybe now Anabella will finally quit asking me to help her make Valentine cards.

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving a classic Easter bunny photo from 2006. How cute is she?

P.S. What’s Scarlett sitting on today? An Easter basket, of course. (Although she couldn’t squeeze all the way into it.)

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