Elmo Party a Complete Success

We hired Elmo to visit during my daughter’s birthday today, and I am happy to report that only 1 out of 9 children was completely terrified. In fact, my daughter had a complete blast. She was dancing and running around like a crazy girl…it was so cute.
Elmo was accompanied by a “handler,” who orchestrated dancing and games. At one point, he was trying to get the kiddos to name the other Sesame Street characters. Anabella, who was front and center, would scream out some random noun for every picture. Then, he shows a photo of Kermit the Frog…
Handler: Who is this?
Anabella: (points) YOUR BABY!
All the parents burst out laughing.
Handler: MY baby? Hmmm….I need to get my money back.
Friend standing next to me: Poor guy, he just got slammed by a 2 year old!

P.S. Omar, I have accepted your challenge and am now eating my third piece of cake. Not sure I can beat your 17, but I am willing to try!

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