F*ckin’ Dit

That’s how it sounded coming out of my 2-1/2 year old’s mouth this morning. The original version, from me, was “f*cking idiot!”

My daughter is in that monkey-see-monkey-do stage, and I cannot seem to apply the filter to my mouth when I am in the car. If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to share it. Because road rage just takes over and the words fly out without a second thought to who is listening in the back seat.

A few weeks ago, I was cut off in traffic and screamed “F*CK!”

From the backseat, Anabella yells: “F*CK!”

Me: “Shit!”

Anabella: “Chit!”

Me: “Crap! Stop it!”

Anabella: “Crap!”

Me (to guy who cut me off as we pass him by): “Thanks a lot.”

Anabella (waving and smiling at him): “THANK YOU!”

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