Halloween too

Here are the girls’ Halloween photos. Anabella was “Shine.” Yes, I know you have no clue who Shine is … no one else did either … so I let her carry the Shine doll around with her as a reference tool. (Shine is a character on Wow Wow Wubbzy voiced by Beyonce.) She had a blast and definitely has a little rock star in her, so that is all that mattered.

Scarlett was a cow. She couldn’t care less about Halloween and probably just thought it was a nice warm outfit on a cool night. But isn’t she cute?

4 thoughts on “Halloween too

  1. I know who Shine is!

    Actually, I created Wubbzy and I get Google Alerts about anything related to the show.

    I just wanted to say how cool it is that your daughter wanted to be Shine!

    Wow! Wow!


  2. OMG Bob Boyle … how cool of you to leave a comment! My daughters ADORE your show … my two-year-old knew the entire Wubb Girlz song before she could even talk, and still sings it every morning as she lays in her crib waiting for us to go get her.

    Anabella educated many people on Shine this Halloween, so I expect you will have a whole new group of fans.

    P.S. Please make my life easier and create a Shine Halloween costume next year! 😉

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