Happy birthday, Anabella

My baby turned FOUR last Saturday. FOUR. I can hardly believe how fast the years have flown by. It seems as though she has instantly turned into an opinionated, funny, strong-willed, somewhat bossy, thoughtful, good-natured, emotional, sweet little person.

So anyway, we (me) threw a SpongeBob water slide party.

Thanks to Nam for spending 2-1/2 hours helping me ice this friggin’ cake! Then her kiddos got fever and she couldn’t even come over and enjoy the glory. And of course I didn’t give her any credit.

Anabella finally decided she wanted to be four. Up until party time, she was TWO, dammit.

I wanted to strangle Dan when he came home with this million-dollar water slide last summer, but it’s probably the best money we’ve spent in a long time. It’s durable, the kids will play on it for hours on end, and in Texas, we have lots of time to use it.

I almost peed myself laughing when Scarlett came down the water slide. Her expression was 70 percent “WTF? Please call CPS!” and 30 percent “I think this is fun.”

Anabella got a ton of great gifts, but this one was a big hit, which means Anabella and Scarlett threw-down over it. (For all you Noggin virgins, it’s the hat and glasses that DJ Lance wears on Yo Gabba Gabba.) The hat plays dance music from YGG when you move.

Happy birthday, Anabella. As my favorite four year old always tells me … “you’re my girl!”

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