Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

Dear Scarlett:

You’re two today! Your babyhood has gone by in a flash, so I took the day off to celebrate with just YOU. At lunch, you were treated like a total rock star at Luby’s. Not only did they bring you a crown and a bunch of balloons, but you also had free jello and a delicious red velvet cup cake (I promise, I only had one or two small bites!). Who knew you were going to love jello so much? And of course you were completely excited to sit in a chair.

Then we went to the Children’s Museum, where you played non-stop and with no restrictions. From setting up a little tea party to playing with the world’s largest Lite-Bright, you had a blast doing what YOU wanted to do for a change.

You just recently started learning more words and how to count. It’s incredibly cute how you call everyone “daddy” if you don’t know their name. And I love how you say “lello” instead of “yellow,” “BobBob” instead of “SpongeBob” and “oh no!” for just about everything that you want us to notice.

You are completely fascinated with shoes and drinking out of big-girl glasses, but you are still a cute little baby who loves bubble baths and being rocked to sleep. It’s even endearing that you are a total daddy’s girl, because you are complete joy all day, every day … and probably the most likeable person in our family.

Happy birthday, Baby Mo! I love you more than words can say.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

  1. Entirely too cute, the police are on their way to arrest your whole family for excessive cuteness:)

    I'm a total sucker for Jello. The crown is kickin! You know you wore one, didn't you.

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