How I know I am getting old

  1. I told someone who is 30 that he is a “baby.”
  2. I scolded some teenagers for running in the hall and bumping into my 2-year-old daughter at school. (Although I did say it in a very young, hip way…”Hey Dudes, take it down a notch!)
  3. I chased some elementary school kids down the street after they threw pine cones at my car. When I caught up to them, I threatened to call their parents and the police. (WTF, me?! Don’t be crazy parent-calling lady!!!!)
  4. Some teenagers asked me how old they looked, and the one who I guessed to be the oldest was EXCITED. And I couldn’t remember when I was last excited to look older. And I told them not to try to grow up so fast. (Wha??? Only old people say that!)
  5. I found two pair of shoes I liked in a particular style I wanted…and I bought the pair that was more COMFORTABLE, instead of the ultra-cute pair!

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