Kindergarten sucks

Seriously. Kindergarten is kicking our family’s collective ass. Between cut shoelaces, parent-teacher conferences (Anabella wasn’t “finishing projects” by day 6), HOMEWORK (OMG, so much homework!), morning meltdowns, evening meltdowns – I want to snatch her out and put her back in our sweet little Mother’s Day Out program.

That is our happy place where things were FUN and you could wear what you wanted and you weren’t expected to be a little academic rock star in 7 days. The only thing keeping me sane is that several people are having similar experiences, not that it makes it better, but at least I know it’s not just us.

I have a picture of me from kindergarten — dressed in a cute green dress, standing next to my BFF Cindy, holding my Banana Splits lunch box, looking oh so happy. WTF happened to THAT kindergarten??

10 thoughts on “Kindergarten sucks

  1. Cocotte – Looks like we are heading that way. Three weeks in and Anabella is writing sentences. No fun in kindergarten!

    Floribunda – beats me how that happened, but they should warn people.

    KB – Ridiculous is an understatement.

    Secret Agent Woman – The pressure is totally on me to make sure she gets it done. I’m stressing over homework every night. Oh, and they make me SIGN it before I turn it in. WTF?

    SHG – Thanks for the support. It’s not funny, kindergarten.

    Lu – I know! Times have changed, girl.

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