Moving on up

I got my new business cards last Friday. (I blurred out all the contact info just in case stalkers are reading this blog. However, if you can find me by fax, more power to you!)

Titles don’t mean much these days, but becoming a Veep of a global corporation was an incredible moment for me. I’ve only been on the job for three weeks, but so far I am enjoying every minute of it. It is refreshing to be excited to go to work every day!

However, there are things that I miss about my old department:
– The friendships … especially Stasa and Jen … miss you ladies!
– Free snacks and cokes (now I pay 75 cents when I need a caffeine fix)
– Telecommuting two days a week (Boy do I miss my Wednesdays and Fridays at home!)
– The view of Houston from the 40th floor (I still have an office, but no window. Boo!). I especially miss watching the hawks circling the building.

More on the new job later!

3 thoughts on “Moving on up

  1. Awesome!! I’m so excited for you. Totally sucks about the free cokes, though. Completely counter-intuitive – the more money people make, the more free stuff they get.

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