My Second Resolution of 2007 – To be More Naughty

Being a mommy doesn’t leave a lot of time for naughtiness, but recently I decided to partake in some naughty behavior and quite frankly, I loved it.

Naughty Rhonda heads to the voting booth: Last November, the husband of a woman in the MOMS Club was running for a Texas State Representative position. This woman sent email after email, telling us all to vote for her husband. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, one day her 3-year-old pushed my 1-1/2 year old daughter to the ground, where she hit her head on the concrete floor. Usually, I would just chalk this up to kid stuff, but the woman didn’t even apologize. I was livid. So, I decided not to vote for her hubby, even though his opponent was DEAD. That’s right, I voted for a dead woman. And I laughed all the way out of the polling facility.

Naughty Rhonda attends a Christmas party: My friend Halle had a White Elephant party in December (if you don’t know what that is, go here). It was mostly ladies from her neighborhood, but she also included some of her closest friends. (Meaning I only knew about 5 people out of the 30.) So my friend Tracie and I took a prime spot on the couch, and with wine in hand, decided it would be fun to antagonize some of the other party goers. Not in a mean way of course, we simple encouraged more of the craziness that was already happening…picture a house full of women scheming and bickering over $25 gifts. We had women battling over a bottle of Grey Goose, a clock, and a spa gift certificate. It was a total hoot…and I went home with the much-coveted clock. HA! Here’s a picture of the chaos….

This is Wendy after Jen “stole” a lovely basket of goodies from her. I was laughing almost as hard as Jen was.

Naughty Rhonda goes to a football game: Whenever my husband sees a “family” bathroom he always teases me about sneaking in and making out. This has been going on for years, but at the last Houston Texans game of the year, I called his bluff. We waited around outside the door until all the families (with real reasons to be in the family bathroom) had their turn and then in we went. Who knew the family bathroom could be so much fun?

Therefore, I resolve to continue with this trend of occasional naughtiness in 2007…it makes me laugh and it keeps me feeling young.

Have you done anything naughty recently?

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