My week in review

Unfortunately, my life is pretty boring at the moment. It’s all babies, lessons in patience, and watching TV. But to keep myself entertained, I have been keeping track of some personal stats. Here are the current tallies:

  • Times I’ve been projectile puked on: 2
  • Times I’ve been peed on while changing a diaper: 2
  • Pounds lost: 33 (I gained 50, so don’t be too impressed, especially since I still had “baby weight” from the last one!)
  • Number of cold showers for Anabella after playing with poop since the baby came home: 3
  • Number of things I have bought off infomercials: 0 (this is quite a feat)
  • Number of things I am very tempted to buy off an infomercial: 2 (The Tobi steamer looks really cool.)
  • Number of times I have been tempted to drink heavily after dealing with terrible two year old: Countless

2 thoughts on “My week in review

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