Not stupid enough to visit Orlando

Not that coming to Orlando was stupid, but apparently lots of stupid people visit. And because I found these signs in our condo to be, well, stupid, I think I might be too smart to be here.

First sign: Read the last paragraph.

That’s right. Don’t call 9-1-1 about your broken-down car or to report a litterbug. I wonder how many people did this? It must have been quite a few to warrant a sign!

Next…this sign is hanging in the bathroom.

Of course we have all seen similar signs in bathrooms everywhere, but look at the picture of the toilet. I have no idea how you could flush a CD, but it looks like someone tried…along with a box and what appears to be a computer mouse. And is that a floppy disk? (Do they even make those anymore? And can we just flush outdated technology?)

So, I don’t know who has been visiting Orlando lately, but they are clearly a bunch of dumba**es!

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