Pukefest 2006 continues

My poor little baby has been the host to some nasty stomach virus for several days now, which has resulted in LOTS of puke in my life (see October 19 post…when the puke is gone, I promise to quit talking about it.) The last time she threw up was on Sunday, so we put her back on her normal diet and all seemed well.

Well tonight she starts getting a little whiny, so I pick her up and she gives me one of her sweet little hugs, then BAM…I am covered in throw up. Nice.

My hubby quickly rushes her into a bath, and as I am de-funking myself, I notice grapes stuck to my shirt. (gross, I know) Then I remember, she hasn’t had any grapes in weeks….hmmm, how is that possible?

They were raisins! Isn’t that interesting? I guess they rehydrate in the stomach, and TADA…they are grapes again.

Can I get you a snack?

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