Pumpkin Chunken’ Festival

Yes, another fun activity we participated in last weekend — the Pumpkin Chunken’ Festival (www.comehurl.org). The event centers around a huge catapult (I was told it took days to build) that is used to destroy pumpkins. What could be more fun than smashing pumpkins?

They had a little carnival for the kids, but whenever a pumpkin was about to be launched, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. It was surprising how far those pumpkins would go (a few hundred yards?) and how they all had a different angle/path/level of destruction at the end. I was over it in about an hour, but I think most of the men could have stayed out there all day.

Men, destruction — you know the deal.

So did anyone notice that the creator of Wow Wow Wubbzy left a comment on last night’s post? I have to say that was more exciting than when Dooce tweeted me. And in Anabella’s world, that is right up there with a phone call from the Pope or George Clooney asking me out (Call me, George!).

So, thanks again, Bob Boyle. You made our morning — and we bought the new Wubb Idol DVD at Target in your honor!

P.S. Day three of NaBloPoMo. Whew. Only 27 more to go.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Chunken’ Festival

  1. Man I wish I could have seen that. Way too fun. Should do that the days after thanksgiving so you don't have to throw yours out.

    *raises hand* My name is Matt, I'm 40 yrs old, and WowWowWubbzie still makes me giggle like I'm 5

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