Really, Kindergarten?

Remember how I got the note about Anabella cutting a shoelace? That was important enough for a note home, right? Well guess what ISN’T important enough for a note. My child losing her first tooth.

She just comes home without a tooth.

No note.

No tooth.


WTF, Kindergarten?

8 thoughts on “Really, Kindergarten?

  1. that is an outrage!
    My daughter lost a tooth during Christmas break and the teacher wouldn’t let her add it to the chart because it was a “vacation” tooth. that was first grade so I guess you don’t have anything to look forward to


  2. Cocotte – Wow, who knew that teeth were so toxic.

    Omar – Our current rate is $0 because there wasn’t a tooth. Gotta teach her a lesson. LOL Dan gave her a big talk about the tooth fairy and money, so I guarantee she won’t lose the next one.

    Jean Knee – LOL, thanks for the pep talk. 🙂

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