Responsibility Sucks

It’s the end of an era. We sold the Hummer over the weekend, and I hate to admit it, but we are both going through a bit of a mourning period. It was a fairly impractical vehicle, especially with another baby due on the scene soon, but we both really loved that thing. It was the last remnant from our carefree days (meaning before kids), it was fun to drive (scaring people and feeling powerful is FUN), and it was a vehicle we both dreamed of owning in our teenage years…so it was like a little gas-guzzling dream come true.

So farewell, Hummer. You will be greatly missed!

I guess the good news is that now we only own 2 of the very bad, earth-killing things in this photo (according to Al Gore and No Cool Story).

On the baby naming front, what do yal think of the name Marielle?

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