WTF? Wednesday

Blue Trees
I looked out the office window last week and noticed the trunks of some of the trees looked weird. At first I thought it was a reflection from the glass, but after driving by those same trees, no … they are actually painted blue now. Apparently, it’s art. (

I get it, but to me, it’s messing with something that was already art. And now I’m wondering how long we have to look at blue trees?

Unusual dessert offering
Earlier this week Dan offered to go pick up dinner at Freebirds. As I was looking at the menu, I noticed something interesting.

Last time I checked, marijuana wasn’t legal in Texas, but I guess that isn’t stopping them.

The Earth is swallowing people up!
WTF is up with all the sinkholes? There was yet another one this week in Florida. It’s kind of freaking me out because it’s so random and uncontrollable. And when you look at photos like this ….

It scares the bejesus out of me. And do we really need something new to worry about?

WTF Wednesday

Notice anything out of place in this photo?

Maybe, the COYOTE that’s hanging around behind our fence at noon?

I’ve seen one before, but that was at 3 a.m. Not in the middle of the day, out in the common area where people play with their kids, walk their dogs, fish, etc.


WTF? Wednesday

On the way to work yesterday, I witnessed a man try to avoid rear-ending someone on the freeway, but instead he flipped his SUV twice and then landed facing traffic in the freeway adjacent to the one we were on. It was beyond surreal and upsetting to watch the entire thing happen before my eyes.

But, even more disturbing, was that the police officer in the lane next to me, DID NOT STOP. I was completely dumbfounded. He didn’t even slow down. And he definitely saw the accident because he was one lane closer and about two car lengths behind me.

I slowed down to let him pass me, so I could give him a WTF look, but he didn’t look in my direction. So, I wrote down his car number, but now what do I do? I don’t think a call to the police station would do much. My friend Tracie suggested calling one of the local news stations. As she pointed out, Transtar probably has video of the entire thing.

What do you think?

WTF? Wednesday

Since when did dogs get so fancy and important? I was booking our dogs at the kennel and they asked me if I would like to pay extra for “5-star service”. I had already booked them in a “climate-controlled room” with a patio, so I was curious to hear what was better than that. You know, for a DOG.

Their 5-star service included extra playtime, special treats (graham crackers with mashed potatoes and meat – yuk) and … being READ A STORY AT BEDTIME.


WTF? Wednesday

Kindergarten was a bumpy road for us, and the last day proved to be no different. Dan didn’t have a car that day, so he walked Anabella to school in the morning. Well I guess Ms. Thing decided she was a “walker” and got into the walker line at the end of the day and marched right out of the school all by her little lonesome. Out. Into the neighborhood. Alone. My FIVE year old. Are you f*cking kidding me, kindergarten?!

She made it home safely. And thank goodness Dan was home, because I’m not sure what her next decision would have been if he wasn’t. But needless to say, I totally freaked out. I spent at least two hours thinking of all the horrible things that could have happened to her on the short trip to our house. Then, I called and left a heated message at the school.

After FOUR days of radio silence, I sent an email to the prinicipal. She responded promptly, and said all the right things, but I am STILL waiting on her investigation results — I mean seriously, WTF? How did that happen? Anabella has been going to YMCA aftercare every other day of the school year. Stupid f*ckers. Yes, I am still completely worked up after a week and a half. It just makes me wonder exactly how safe our kids really are at school.

Okay, so anyway. I was in LA a few weeks ago for work and came across this sign in the kitchen of our offices.

Sorry it’s blurry but I was laughing pretty hard when I was taking the photo, because I had asked the security guard who was also in the kitchen what the story was behind the sign, to which he replied in a deep Southern accent “who the hell knows with these people.” He continued to tell me it was probably something to do with animal rights or organic farming. ha! Turns out he was from Oklahoma, and although he had lived in LA for many years, he wasn’t impressed with the “natives.” According to my friend, not only are they weird about food, but they also can’t drive in the rain. So there you have it.

WTF? Wednesday

Hang it up, Devo
These guys made an appearance on a daytime talk show recently, and all I could focus on was their strange outfits and face/head gear. Their music wasn’t very impressive either — do they even have any other hits besides “Whip it!” ??

The Birds
So I have no issues with tattoos. I also have no qualms with birds. But this lady had the same bird tattoo in 5 places on her body. Either she is the most unoriginal tatted person ever, or this bird made a very significant impact on her life. (Sorry I couldn’t get photos of the other 3, but I was in the security line at the airport.)

Put Some Clothes On
So, I’ve seen the Naked Cowboy on Good Morning America, but I didn’t realize it was his “job.” He was in Times Square all three days I was in NYC last month. WTF? Is this really a full-time gig? If so, I guess that explains why he doesn’t have any CLOTHES.

WTF? Pet Peeve of the Week
Please someone explain to me how by any stretch of the imagination any sane person considers a Ford Expedition a COMPACT CAR???!!! WTF???