The many faces of Scarlett’s first haircut

Similar to Scarlett’s first turn on our water slide, it was hard to tell if she was loving or hating her first haircut.

Clearly, it’s not the best style in the world, Scarlett, but you have short, baby-fine hair that’s hanging in your eyes. I had to do something.

I guess she liked the bow. Or, she was just happy it was over.

8 thoughts on “The many faces of Scarlett’s first haircut

  1. My daughter's first haircut was in August, and she had the EXACT SAME Linux gown! In fact, the room looks similar, too.

    Anyway, enough about me. The kid is adorable. Based on the pictures, I'd say she wasn't exactly having the time of her life. It's gotta be a big let down, when everyone's so excited and taking pictures, but all you get to do is sit there and have people pulling your hair. Looks like she handled it like a champ, though.

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