The party’s over


That’s exactly what I said when the box from Nutrisystem appeared on the doorstep today. I was kind of hoping it would take a little longer to get here.

I guess that makes it official. I am on a diet. The party that has been my eat-a-thon for the past year ends tomorrow. Scarlett is four months old, so I can’t be all like “I just had a baby” anymore. Plus, my 20th high school reunion is this year, and I refuse to go as the fat girl. And it would be nice to wear some of my old clothes again. Maternity sweat pants are so last year.

So please send all your good thoughts my way. I need all the support I can get! And by posting this for all the world to see, I am hoping to make myself somewhat accountable. Feel free to taunt me by asking how much weight I have lost in the upcoming weeks/months. Maybe that will get me to quit the Mocha Frappaccinos (damn you, Starbuck’s)!

2 thoughts on “The party’s over

  1. I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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