There is light at the end of the tunnel

But no food.

I am at the end of a six-day stretch with no hubby. Luckily, between family and a few babysitters, I wasn’t totally on my own this past week. We recently hired a new babysitter, as Crazy Babysitter moved further away and isn’t readily available anymore. So, both CB and the new babysitter, we’ll call her Normal Girl, helped out one day this past week. I put together this little comparison for you.

NG: Arrived 10 minutes early
CB: Arrived 1 hour and 30 minutes late

NG: When not watching Wiggles or Mickey Mouse with the kiddos, watched local news, CNN and one talk show
CB: Watched soap operas, Maury, Tyra, and Inside Edition

NG: Ate some cheese nips, a diet coke, and a piece of candy (which I offered her). Brought her own veggies to eat for lunch.
CB: Immediately cooked herself eggs and bacon for breakfast and polished off 5 biscuits left over from our breakfast. During the day, drank nine Dr. Peppers, ate 1 pound of turkey meat, 3/4 loaf of sourdough bread, 24 Chinese dumplings, one bag of Frito’s (but I did buy those especially for her), 16 ounces of sour cream and one bag of sugar cookies (too bad for you, Anabella). For dinner, ate 1/2 of a meatloaf and potatoes. And that’s just the stuff I know about.

NG: Talks about school and family
CB: Talks about how my dog is a bad influence on her dog.

However, CB does love to do laundry, which I would never dream of asking a babysitter to do. So I guess if you add in what she should be paying me for food and what I should be paying her for laundry service, it’s hopefully about even.

The point of this story? I am so glad Dan is coming home tonight.

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