Three Days to Turn Your Heiress Crazy

As I am sure you all know, Paris Hilton has apparently lost her mind after only 3 days in jail. I spent a night in jail in my early 20’s, and while it definitely was not a trip to the spa, it wasn’t so awful that I needed medication. In fact, it made me tougher version of myself (but then again, the girlfriend I got thrown in the pokey with was a total mess, so someone had to keep their cool). We even ate breakfast with the general population and had a little showdown with a crack ho.

So, it really makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with Paris Hilton. She’s alone in a cell, so it’s not the other inmates picking on her or whatever. She can have reading material…and sure, being disconnected from the electronic world might be a little tough, but I think I could survive. (And quite frankly, being alone in a room for a few days with nothing but some books sounds a little like a vacation to me right now.) She must really be completely incapable of taking care of herself or handling tough situations without an entourage.

I think it would take me at least a week or two before I got weepy…not crazy, but just sad. (By that time I would be caught up on my sleep and really missing my family.)…so maybe it would be a month or so before I needed the meds.

How about you guys? How long would it take you to have a mental break in jail?

P.S. I went to see Patton Oswald and Jeanane Garofalo last night, and Patton commented that Paris couldn’t handle being left alone with her own thoughts. Ha! (He even suggested they use that as a the brand of torture at Guantanamo Bay….leave the prisoners alone in a room with Paris’ thoughts for days on end.)

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