What does this guy do for a living?

First of all, GO TEXANS! Thank you for beating the Titans (without the involvement of poo water). That made my whole week. (We left a little early and as we walked by the port-o-potties, the hubby said “Maybe we should splash a little blue poo water on you … just in case. Thanks, Omar. I will never escape that now.)

Second, Dan (not the hubby … the other one) has extended a bet on the Texans vs. Bears game and I hereby accept. But what should the bet be?

Third, what do you think the guy above does for a living? I have been passing by him for several years now as I head down to my seats. And he has always had this hair style. And he obviously has season tickets. So I can’t help but wonder…

— The B.S Cafe is now serving Texas pride. Suck it, Titans.

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